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Running to help kids who are like me <3

In 2016 I went through a major spinal surgery that likely saved my life. At sixteen and suffering from severe scoliosis, my spine and ribcage were rotated such that there was pressure on my lungs, and before long my heart and other internal organs, too. Even if my situation didn't become life-threatening, it had already progressed to the point where I had constant chronic pain, visibly abnormal posture, and a really difficult time with many day-to-day activities such as exercise and extracurriculars.

Now, eight years post-op, my condition is stable and spine experts continue to say that I had an incredibly successful operation. I have significant correction in my spinal curvature, and a great reduction in pain. Most importantly, the two stainless steel rods in my spine keep things where they should be so my condition doesn't get too much worse as I age. I still have pain, and I'm putting in a lot of effort to make sure my condition stays the way it is, but as far as things go mine was possibly the best outcome it could have been.

And that's all thanks to the staff, surgeons, and researchers at BC Children's Hospital. I honestly don't know where I'd be today without the care I received there. I'm forever grateful to them, and that's why I invite you to help me give back, to help kids who are struggling like I did to live the full, healthy lives they would otherwise be denied.

This year, my goal is to raise $500! Last year I was able to raise over $300 and I want to stretch that goal this year (also I'll get a cape?!!!?). As part of that, I am committing to match donations up to half of my goal ($250), to make it that much easier to reach my target!

It would mean the world to me if you'd join me on this fundraiser and help support the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Of course, if you wanted to run yourself, I would love to see you on race day as well!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and whether or not you choose to donate, thank you for your support.

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Met--and exceeded--my goal!

Thursday 7th Mar
Thanks to my lovely family and coworkers, I managed to blow by my goal of $500. I get a cape everyone!!!

I suppose I should put in a stretch goal, now? The last goalpost in the official fundraiser is $1000, at which point all prior donations will be matched! If you donate now, your donation will be worth twice as much!

Thank you so much for your support, everyone. It really means a lot to have everyone backing me up in my efforts to give back to the BC Children's Hospital. They are a really great cause and I really look forward to supporting them like they supported me.

As a bonus (!!!) for raising so much money, here's my most recent x-ray, taken only a few weeks ago! You'll notice that there's very little change from the one I posted in my initial post--which was very soon post-op. That means everything is super stable, and my spinal fusion is holding really securely. My surgeon did a fantastic job!!

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Dallas Gawlick



You've got this &lt;3


Ireland Bellsmith

Yay Gawlick!


Kate Olivares

go max!! so proud of you xx








Ann Chow


Janet D.

A great cause! Good luck and have fun!


Winnie Y.


Maxwell Gawlick

As promised, I'm matching all the wonderful donations that people submitted up to $250! Thanks so much for helping me raise this money everyone!


Salanni Developments Ltd.


Rina Calendino

BRAVO Maxwell! Great cause, happy to donate :)


Kully Poonian


Gwendolynn Gawlick

Proud of you!


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Great work for a great cause!


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Nice job Maxwell!


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