How do I start fundraising?

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Start by logging into your personal fundraising page here, or by clicking the link in your confirmation email. You can personalize the page by uploading your photo and providing a description of why you’re running—we've provided a sample description to make it easy for you. After your page is set up, share it on your social media channels and spread the word to family and friends.

What is my personal fundraising page?

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It’s the place where friends and family can donate to you online. It’s up to you to personalize it by adding images and messages to show everyone why you’re participating, and why they should support you. Contact us at race@bcchf.ca if you need help accessing your personal fundraising page.

How can people find my personal fundraising page?

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After you register or log into your personal fundraising page, you’ll see your personal fundraising page link at the top of your dashboard. You can copy that link and send it to your supporters.

Friends or family can also visit the RBC Race for the Kids homepage and select the “Support a runner  ” button. They can then search for your name, or your team's name, and find your personal or team fundraising page.

How do I submit offline donations?

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You can enter offline donations from your friends and family right in your own dashboard.

You will input donor details for each donation you have received offline and make the donation via your own credit card and keep the cash. If you prefer, you can also mail in your offline donations form (please note that it may take up to 3 weeks for those donations to be added to your fundraising page).

What if I registered as a $50 fundraiser but I end up missing that goal?

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If you are unable to fundraise a minimum of $50 by race day on your personal fundraising page, you will be automatically charged the remainder of the $40 registration fee using the credit card entered at the time of registration.

How are fundraising rewards calculated?

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Fundraising rewards are based on the funds donated and/or raised on an individual’s fundraising page.

Are there rewards for fundraising?

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Earn prizes as you raise funds for the hospital. See details below:
  • $150 Raised: Entry to win a sports fan package
  • $250 Raised: Official RBC Race for the Kids race kit bag
  • $500 Raised: Fundraising Cape
  • $1,000 Raised: Donations matched** and Fundraising Cape

COMMUNITY RUNNERS: Reward levels met by May 21 will be mailed out in race packages. Rewards met after May 21 will arrive after June 9.

ONSITE RUNNERS: Capes will be available for pick up on the morning of the race.

**Matching gifts will be matched until June 9. If you raise $1,000 your funds will be matched. This means the money you raise has double the impact for the hospital and the kids of BC.

How do I access my managed accounts?

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You can access your managed accounts two ways:
    • By clicking “My Runners” in the navigation on your fundraising dashboard
    • By clicking into the “My Runners” section displayed on your fundraising dashboard
Once you are in this area, you can choose which managed account you would like to access by selecting their name.

My account says “Not yet active”. What does this mean?

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When another participant signs you up for the race, you will receive a registration confirmation email that requires you to confirm your personal details in order to activate your account. The email will have the subject line "You’ve been registered for RBC Race for the Kids". Please check your email (both inbox and spam folder) for this invitation and click the link to complete your account.


What are the benefits of being part of a team?

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Rally your friends, family, and colleagues to take a step for BC’s kids by starting a team. Teams who fundraise $8,000 and/or have 30 members by May 21 will receive numerous benefits:
  • Onsite event team sign and designated meeting spot at the Vancouver and Victoria races.
  • Vancouver only: All team members T-shirts and fundraising incentives (if applicable) packed together for easy pick up.
  • Community only: receive a “race in a box” to the team captain’s mailing address 
    • Please note, all team members must be registered by May 21 to have their T-shirts included in your team’s T-shirt box. 

How do I change my Team name, goal or page content?

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As the Team Captain you control everything on your team page. From your dashboard, you can select the “My Team” tab and from there make any changes to your team page, including asking for support, looking at team donations, thanking team donors, changing your team page settings, and inviting new team members.


What do I do if I forget my password?

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If you can’t remember your details after registration, you can select “LOGIN” at the top right corner of our navigation bar. This will open the login popup where it will ask for your email address and password. Simply click “Forgot password” and follow the prompts to reset your password. If you have any questions or need assistance to reset your password, please email us at race@bcchf.ca and we can assist you.

Do all donors get a charitable tax receipt?

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Online donations: All donors will receive a charitable tax receipt within minutes of their donation.  

Cash or cheque pledges with email addresses: All donations of $20 or more with a valid email address will be sent a charitable tax receipt via email after the event.

Cash or cheque pledges without email: Cash or cheque donations of $20 or more with a valid legible donor name and mailing address will be sent a charitable tax receipt through the mail after the event.

Please note: Registration fees are not eligible for tax receipts. The fees are used to offset the costs associated with your race day items and for putting on the event, ensuring that the maximum amount of fundraising goes towards supporting BC Children’s Hospital.

What if I want a refund?

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As per our Terms of Entry, during the registration process, we are not honoring refunds for this event. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, we will look at refunds on a case-by-case basis.

There will be a $5 non-refundable fee when you select the Fundraise $50 option. This fee will confirm your spot at the race and assists with covering the cost of the event.

Facebook Fundraisers

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As of 2019, a new fundraising feature within Facebook is available. Facebook may prompt you to create a Facebook Fundraiser when you create or share a post about BC Children’s Hospital Foundation or RBC Race for the Kids. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to track donations that come through Facebook fundraising pages, so it is important to NOT USE one for your Race for the Kids fundraising. When donations come through Facebook, we do not have the ability to see donor information or to who the donation should be attributed to, so these funds cannot be added to your Race for the Kids page or counted towards your fundraising minimum.

As this is a Facebook feature, we cannot prevent the prompt from appearing on your Facebook page. When prompted, simply select the X in the top right corner to remove the prompt. If you have set up a Facebook Fundraiser, please deactivate it immediately. We still encourage sharing your Race for the Kids personal page on Facebook through your dashboard or by simply pasting your page link in a new post. We apologize for the inconvenience and are happy to answer any questions regarding Facebook Fundraising.

How are we ensuring race weekend sustainability is a priority?

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Join us in working to protect and conserve our communities as we enjoy race festivities.  

RBC Race for the Kids is committed to being environmentally responsible and is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint across our festival sites. Sustainability is important to our team and we will continue to innovate on sustainability measures in order to keep our communities as pristine as possible. 

Here are a few ways we’re tackling sustainability: 

Reusable T-shirts
The design for 2023 will be printed for 3 years, order once and wear again. Our T-shirts are made of sustainably and fairly grown USA cotton. Gildan's manufacturing process utilizes 45% renewable energy. Gildan’s Community Investment Program supports education, the environment, humanitarian aid and active living in the communities we do business in.

Our Vancouver event is easily accessible by bus or Canada Line. We offer a free bike and gear valet onsite at our events – don’t drive, bike and be green! 

Waste Diversion
RBC Race for the Kids 2022 successfully diverted a total of 120.0 kg of recycled materials, which is equivalent to 16.5 of bags of recyclable materials saved from the landfill.

Emissions Savings
By diverting 120 kg of materials from the landfill we prevented co2 emissions equivalent to 0.34 tonnes. This emissions reduction is equivalent to:

Race Medals

Our 2023 race medals are made from wheat straw plastic with a bamboo fiber/cotton lanyard.

Wheat straw plastic is a biodegradable environmentally friendly alternative to plastic, BPA free, and has FDA approval.

Bamboo is overall more sustainable for the earth and better for your health as well. Due to its hypoallergenic qualities and less need for pesticides and fertilizers.

No single-use plastic bottles onsite
We have partnered with Allkiss water to provide water stations on-site. Friendly reminder to bring your own water bottles.

How can I volunteer for this year’s event?

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We have many opportunities to support RBC Race for the Kids on June 9 visit our volunteer page to learn more!

Support BC's kids