What is the gala raising funds for this year?

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This year, guests of Crystal Ball will play a pivotal role in launching the Clinical Trials Super Hub at BC Children’s Hospital. Clinical trials provide access to the latest medications and treatments⁠—and for many children and families, it’s the only hope left. Having the Super Hub right on our campus will have an immediate impact in advancing care across all areas of the hospital.

How do I purchase tickets or tables?

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Returning guests will have the first opportunity to purchase tickets and tables until September 6th. After that date, any remaining availability will be offered to guests on the waitlist. Each table seats eight guests. To request tickets, click here.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

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Partial tax receipts will be available for ticket purchases (advantage is still being determined), and any auction items won over 125% their fair market value (a bid higher than 125% fair market value will receive an income tax receipt for the full difference between the bid amount and fair market value). Full tax receipts will be provided for donations made in advance, during or after the event.