The 36th Annual Crystal Ball raised over $4.52 million for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

With spectacular generosity, guests at the 36th annual Crystal Ball Gala, presented by Nicola Wealth, came together on November 5, and raised over $4.52 million for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, supporting life-saving research for hard-to-cure cancers.

The powerful stories of Rylie and Nick, as shared by their mom’s Toni and Kelly, captured the hearts of guests and shone a light on the difficult journey faced by families after a devastating cancer diagnosis.

With a live performance by spoken word artist Julia Pileggi to open the evening, through to custom curated art pieces representing the cancer journey, the experience of the evening was designed to bring to life what it means to reach new heights in oncology research and care.

“The support that we received from donors at this year’s Crystal Ball was absolutely incredible,” said Malcolm Berry, President and CEO of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. “The quest to conquer childhood cancers requires long-term vision and focus. With the commitment and success of events like this year’s Crystal Ball, we are getting closer to finding a cure for this devasting childhood disease. The support of this community is the engine that drives us forward, helping to fuel new research and treatment options that provide renewed hope for families.”

Opening Performance by Julia Pileggi

Guests of the 36th Annual Crystal Ball were truly inspired by the performance of a custom created spoken word poem by Julia Pileggi.

To see more from Julia, visit her website here:

Highlights from this year's event

Last year's Annual Crystal Ball, presented by Nicola Wealth, raised over $6.76 million for BC Children’s Hospital

For the past 36 years, the Crystal Ball community has united with unwavering commitment and vision to transform health care for kids in BC. In 2020, this community embarked on an ambitious quest to change outcomes for kids with hard-to-cure cancers. This year, we continue to propel towards our $35 million goal, funding oncology research that will uncover new, safer and more effective treatments for the most complex childhood cancers.

“For families battling childhood cancer, their fight is more than a physical one—it is an experience wrought with uncertainty over the outcome. This is why the support raised through Crystal Ball is so critical for these families. Not only will it fast-track life-saving oncology research that will uncover safer and more effective personalized treatments for children fighting the most aggressive cancers, it will also ultimately change the experience of their families from one of fear, to hope. I’m immensely grateful and inspired by the commitment of this community who is making this change a reality.”

— Malcolm Berry, President and CEO, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

The world-leading team at BC Children’s is taking on this challenge with relentless commitment. This November, they need your help to reach new summits in their pursuit of changing the future for children diagnosed with complex cancers.

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