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I’m helping kids be mighty

As the only hospital in BC devoted exclusively to kids, BC Children’s provides the specialized care that seriously ill kids need to fight their health battles.

Amazing progress has been made in improving children’s health care. But the fact is, there’s still more to do when it comes to taking on the biggest health threats facing our kids.

Your donation to my RBC Race for the Kids fundraising page will help advance care for kids across the province and support experts at BC Children’s Hospital in their quest to conquer childhood illnesses.

Thank you for your support.

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An unbeatable cause, who doesn't love helping children!

Friday 21st Apr

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my fundraising page. I will be running my first RBC Run For The Kids. I've worked at RBC for nearly 6.5 years and ran my first half marathon on May 7, 2023! I'm delighted to be doing this run in beautiful British Colombia! I moved to the city recently and excitedly training for race day on Sunday, June 11! As a child, I used to participate in Track and Field, Field Hockey, Flag Football, Softball and dabbled in swimming. I set this goal for myself after my mentor at RBC, Charles Lesaux describe the marathons he participated in during our group mentor mentee discussions. He described it as more of a mental challenge rather than physical and I always had the misconception that it was entirely physical. I feel excited for Race Day. I feel nervous I may injure myself given the recent ankle overuse, weak right knee and left leg which cramped during my Half in May.

Those who know me, know I adore children so I am thrilled that the race is in support of BC Children's Hospital. Staying active and helping children are two things that resonate with me. I am joined by my colleagues at RBC Vancouver CCG and we are looking to raise as much money as possible to support a great cause! Support big or small is appreciated. We are training hard in the background.

To support my training, I geared up by attending F45 Markville at the end of last year religiously, mixed in with a bit of Barry's and started weight training and running longer distances in the New Year. My goal for this 5KM is to have fun and improve my pace!

Thank you to my supporters


Andrea Mclane

Go Carmen Go!!!!


Zaffer And Catherine

From Zaffer and Catherine! Good luck tomorrow


Anthony L

Yay!! Go Carmen go!! You can do it! 🫶


Derek Au-yeung


Tiffane Mak


Tina Sarellas

way to go Carmen!! So proud of you. Thank you for supporting a great cause!


Vanessa Colettas

Go Carmen Go!!


Paul Redmond


Cameron Charlton

If you run as hard as you work, you're going to win this whole darn thing in record time!


Barry Baker

Hi Carmen - have a lot of fun - I love everything about the sport - but the actual race - the excitement the adrenaline and the people - so exciting. Best of luck - and don't worry about the time - take in the event .


Bina Bawa




Rob Iacovangelo

Good luck, Carmen!


Christine Roque


Charles Lesaux


Kerry Oneill


Andrew Arnott

28 min 5K? :)


Laksh Kaushik


Nick Brons




Naser Sultani

Go Carmen go!!!


Christine T


Antoni K


Kenneth Tan


Michael Cho

Good luck!




Amanda Lee

Good luck Carmen!


Yury Benyaminov


Carmen Chan

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